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Design-For-Testability (DFT) techniques are design efforts specifically employed to ensure that an IC, board or system are testable, as well as suitable for many kinds of the on-board and the on-system activity (CPLD and FPGA configuration, Flash programming, etc). Today, design and testing are no longer separate issues. The emphasis on the quality of the shipped products, coupled with the growing complexity of board designs, requires testing issues to be considered early in the design process so that the design can be modified to simplify the testing and on-board activity processes.

Our DFT comprehensive test coverage reports describe the present defect coverage and recommend how DFT coverage might be optimized to improve yields and reduce cost before the board layout!


DFT is one of the most cost-effective ways of tackling your test problems. We working (consulting, service, training, and support) with your:

  • managers נto develop DFT guidelines,
  • designers נto provide on-the-job DFT consulting,
  • test engineers נto help evaluate and implement testability requirements,
  • designers, test and production engineers נto develop Boundary-Scan (JTAG) test programs (Interconnect test, SRAM/DRAM test), CPLD and FPGA configuration, Flash programming, I2C programming, etc.

You can find our DFT assessment checklists as well as links to free JTAG DFT guidelines and resources on our Educational page.

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