StarTest™ serves as the ICT/JTAG test support supplier

Background and Quality Policy

Background and Quality Policy, JTAG, ICT, DFT, BSDL Validation

The StarTest™ company is the Israeli privately owned HW test company since January, 2003. Our company has an abundant experience in the ICT and JTAG (Boundary-Scan) testing across chip, board, and system test. StarTest™ has a highly regarded reputation in the Israeli electronics market.

We are the team of independent test experts and test engineers with the summary experience of more than 70 years in Israel and abroad. The company employs both full time employees and a number of subcontractors worldwide who have been with us for years.

We provide both the JTAG test support and the ICT test support. We also provide a wide range of professional services including the Free Test Diagnostic Package Test Fault Locator, the customerӳ design DFT compliance check-up before the layout and in all the stages of its lifetime as well as the BSDL files validation. We can also help you with the Global Regulatory and Marking / Labeling Requirement consulting.

StarTest™ specializes in the thorough understanding of the customer's needs throughout the life of the project and offers a range of JTAG and ICT test services tailored to solve your DFT and production test challenges.

The StarTest™' projects are mainly employing the turnkey method. We have been working for years with the same team of subcontractors for years, forming one large and strong engineering body.

Our subsidiary JTAG.TECT is working on the worldwide Russian-speaker market of electronic devices.

The StarTest™ Quality Policy

  • The companyӳ management and the employees will aspire to provide products and services that answer the customerӳ expectations.
  • The company will comply with the requirements made by the relevant laws and regulations beyond the contractual requirements.
  • The companyӳ management will define targets and quality objectives within the periodical management reviews.
  • The company's management will capitalize upon the prevention of quality problems as well as upon continuing improvement process.

Customer-Centric Focus

Strength of Purpose

Do the Right Thing Right

Respect the Individual


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