StarTest™ serves as the ICT/JTAG test support supplier

StarTest™ is founded in January 2003 and is now a leading developer and supplier of the test solutions in Israel on any hardware level, including device, board, and system. StarTest™ is a dedicated team of test experts and engineers with the summary experience of more than 70 years worldwide.

StarTest™ serves as the ICT/JTAG test support supplier in the following fields:

  • The Design-For-Testability (DFT) analysis of electronic circuits before layout and in all stages of their lifetime including the check-up of the customerӳ design DFT compliance, as well as multi-chain and system level (via backplane) JTAG implementation support.
  • The optimal test strategy selection נwhether ICT, JTAG, or both methods together נfor the higher test coverage and shorter time-to-market. The test coverage maximization for the mixed JTAG/ICT usage.
  • The ICT program development for the Teradyne Z18xx testers, the test process support on the customer production facility (Flextronics, A.L.Electronics, PCB Technologies, Zicon, SCI Sanmina, etc).
  • The JTAG (Boundary-Scan) test program development, including the on-board programming of CPLD, FPGA, FLASH, I2C, etc., for all the tools of the following vendors:
    • ScanPlus and ScanExpress of Corelis;
    • onTAP of Flynn Systems;
    • ProVision of JTAG Technologies;
    • ScanWorks of Asset InterTech.
  • The full JTAG test process support (installation, test debug and running, failure diagnostics, maintenance, User Guide preparation) performed in the customerӳ production facility, as well as in the customerӳ laboratory/test facility on-demand.
  • The Boundary-Scan technology and Design-For-Testability (DFT) courses, as well as seminars and training on the customer facility. Help customers with the newest Boundary-Scan standards usage, such as IEEE 1149.4, IEEE 1149.6, IEEE 1532, IEEE 1500, In-System Configuration IEEE1532, IJTAG (IEEE P1687).
  • The Design-For-Testability (DFT) Manuals development for private customer usage.
  • The JTAG (Boundary-Scan) vendor benchmarking (features comparison) and the selection consulting for the customer needs.

We're working with a plenty of companies in the following countries:




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StarTest™ News

March - December 2018.
Added new user friendly features in JTAG Manager.
Please read here.
August 2017.
New in JTAG Manager Ver.4.X.
Interactive Board View window.
Revolution in JTAG Manager Pricing.
The trademark number 270197 assigned to StarTest company by Israel Patent Office.
EWDTS 2012
אנחנו מציגים בזאת חברה ישראלית-אמריקאית צעירה איתם יש לנו יחסי עבודה קרובים
TheWayIn Inc.

Dr. JTAG Monthly Focus

Flynn Systems debuts HW cluster tools
Flynn Systems has augmented its hardware line with the introduction of the StarTest™ JEM_DIMM/SODIMM modules family.

Press release

We are pleased to introduce right now the completely new HW module JEMIO-LVDS as an addition to our JEMIO module. Details see on
We are pleased to introduce the new HW module for cluster JTAG test of the PCI nets ֠the JEM_MiniPCI-T III. Details see on

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