StarTest™ serves as the ICT/JTAG test support supplier
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StarTest™ is founded in January 2003 and is now a leading developer and supplier of the test solutions in Israel on any hardware level, including device, board, and system. StarTest™ is a dedicated team of test experts and engineers with the summary experience of more than 70 years worldwide.

StarTest™ serves as the ICT/JTAG test support supplier in the following fields:

  • The Design-For-Testability (DFT) analysis of electronic circuits before layout and in all stages of their lifetime including the check-up of the customer design DFT compliance, as well as multi-chain and system level (via backplane) JTAG implementation support.
  • The optimal test strategy selection ֠whether ICT, JTAG, or both methods together ֠for the higher test coverage and shorter time-to-market. The test coverage maximization for the mixed JTAG/ICT usage.
  • The ICT program development for the Teradyne Z18xx testers, the test process support on the customer production facility (Flextronics, A.L.Electronics, PCB Technologies, SCI Sanmina, etc).
  • The JTAG (Boundary-Scan) test program development, including the on-board programming of CPLD, FPGA, FLASH, I2C, etc., for all the tools of the following vendors:
    • ScanExpress of Corelis;
    • onTAP of Flynn Systems;
    • ProVision of JTAG Technologies;
    • ScanWorks of Asset InterTech;
    • XJRunner of XJTAG.
  • Development, production and shipment worldwide a wide range of hardware and software test products:
  • The full JTAG test process support (installation, test debug and running, failure diagnostics, maintenance, User Guide preparation) performed in the customerӳ production facility, as well as in the customerӳ laboratory/test facility on-demand.
  • The Boundary-Scan technology and Design-For-Testability (DFT) courses, as well as seminars and training on the customer facility. Help customers with the newest Boundary-Scan standards usage, such as IEEE 1149.4, IEEE 1149.6, IEEE 1149.7, IEEE P1149.8.1, IEEE 1532, IEEE 1500, In-System Configuration IEEE 1532, IJTAG (IEEE P1687).
  • The Design-For-Testability (DFT) Manuals development for private customer usage.
  • The JTAG (Boundary-Scan) vendor benchmarking (features comparison) and the selection consulting for the customer needs.

We're working with a plenty of companies, our customers range from start-ups to billion dollar companies, and they are located in the following countries:





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StarTest™ News

Dr. JTAG Monthly Focus

Flynn Systems debuts HW cluster tools
Flynn Systems has augmented its hardware line with the introduction of the StarTest™ JEM_DIMM/SODIMM modules family.

Press release

We are pleased to introduce right now the completely new HW module JEMIO-LVDS as an addition to our JEMIO module. Details see on
We are pleased to introduce the new HW module for cluster JTAG test of the PCI nets ֠the JEM_MiniPCI-T III. Details see on

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